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The Major League Pennant Races of 1916

"The Most Maddening Baseball Melee in History"

By Paul G. Zinn and John G. Zinn

Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated

About the Book:

Baseball at its best is a combination of chess match and gladiatorial combat, waged over a long season but turning on split-second decisions and physical instincts.

The 1916 season encompassed the drama that made the sport the national pastime: tight pennant races, multiple contenders, record-breaking performances, and controversy, both on and off the field. Ten of the 16 teams battled for first place, four pitchers started and won both games of a doubleheader, Babe Ruth pitched on Opening Day, and players from the Federal League became the sport’s first free agents.

Features full rosters, player biographies, statistics, photographs and an appendix of the sportswriters who chronicled the season.


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